Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Casino Safety

If everyone was as honest as you and me, we would never have to worry about safety. Unfortunately when ever there is money involved you are bound to run into some dishonest people. At the casino there are a lot of players walking around with large amounts of money and this can cause some problems. The casinos do their best to protect the players and themselves for the criminal element with the surveillance cameras and a large security force but we must also take it upon ourselves to help insure our own safety. Here are ten simple and practical tips that you can do to help insure your personal safety and the safety of your hard earned money.

Watch the Bill Receptor
When you feed a bill into the receptor of the machine make sure you watch it go into the machine. Sometimes the receptor will spit the bill back out if it is crinkled or inserted wrong.

If you look away when the bill comes back out, a quick thief can snatch it quickly leaving you to wonder why the credits did not register on your machine.

Watch Your Wallet.
Many men carry their wallets in their back pocket. This makes it easier for a nimble fingered pickpocket to snatch. Carry your wallet in the front pocket and better yet, wrap an elastic band around it. This will make it more difficult to lift from your pocket.

Watch Your Purse
Purses, cameras and other valuables should never be place on the tray between slot machines. You could easily forget them or someone could reach over from the other side of the slot bank and grab them. Keep your purse warped around your shoulder or set it in your lap while you play.

Fanny Packs
The use of a fanny pack is quite common among both genders of casino patrons. Most of these are worn on the person’s side. While they are convenient t for sunglasses, player’s club cards and other incidentals, you should never carry money wallets or other valuables in them. The straps can be easily cut and a thief can quickly make off with it.

Beware of the Bump
Many pick pockets work in teams one will bump you ant the other will lift your wallet. If you do get bumped you should immediately reach for you wallet to insure it is still there.

Pocket Your Cash
When you get paid at the cashier’s cage, take a minute to put your money into your pocket or purse. Don’t walk away from the cage with stacks of dollar bills in your hand. There is no need to advertise that you have money.

Security Escort
If you should win a large hand paid jackpot, you can ask to have a security guard walk you to the cage. If you are staying at the casino you should put the money in a safe deposit box that most casinos make available to hotel guests. If you are traveling by car you can ask security to walk you to your vehicle to make sure you get their safely.

Valet Your Car
Most casinos offer valet parking and at some casinos it is free. Even if you have to pay, it is worth the cost for your safety. If you are planning to play into the wee hours of the morning or just want some added safety, then valet is the way to go.

Elevator Safety
Never get into an elevator with someone that makes you feel nervous. You can always wait a minute for the next car. When riding in and elevator try to stand up against the back wall or either side of the car. This gives you a clear view of everyone in the car and helps protect you against someone lifting your wallet.

Emergency Identification
You should always carry emergency identification on you in a place other than your wallet or purse. This is not just for trips to casinos it is a good practice to do this whenever you are traveling. If you should become unconscious and have your wallet or purse stolen, there is still a way to be identified. Although we think that it can never happen to us, it is better to be safe than sorry. Even keeping your player’s card in a different pocket will help to identify you in an emergency.

Monday, July 2, 2007

How to Beat the Casinos and Win More

Many of us fly to Vegas or Atlantic City when we get the urge to gamble. Some times we win, most times we lose. Ever wonder why?

Yes, everyone knows that the house has slightly better percentages than the players but that is not the main reason why they come out ahead.

Here are the real reasons that people lose at land based casinos:

  1. Free alcohol - your reasoning is dulled and you start making stupid mistakes
  2. Scantily clad women - the casino uses these women to distract you.
  3. The ringing of the slots and the cheering of the crowds - This gives you a false sense of hope. If all of those bells are ringing, somebody must be winning. Why not you?
  4. The lighting - the casino deliberately creates an atmosphere where time is meaningless. Have you ever noticed that there are no clocks? This keeps you playing longer than you would have if you could see day turn to night.
  5. Oxygen - many casinos pump in oxygen to give you a bit of a buzz so you can play longer

The advantages of an online casino:

  1. No alcohol. You can choose not to go to the fridge and get that beer. You also don't have anyone pushing it on you.
  2. You can shut off the sound on your computer. Without the sounds, you are less likely to allow your emotions to run wild. You will also think alot clearer when betting.
  3. No scantilly clad women. You can shut off the tv, and radio and tell your girlfriend or boyfried to put some clothes on.
  4. Most of us have windows so we can watch time pass. More importantly, you should wear a watch and preplan how long you will spend gambling on each round. You can also keep an eye on your funds. No need to count chips. The screen tells you how much you have won or lost.

For all of these reasons and more, gambling online makes more sense and gives you a better chance of adding to your billfold. Just remember, once you have reached your predetermined win - log off and get out of the house! That way you will actually keep your winnings and watch them deposited straight into your bank account.

Casino Resort Room And Food Deals

Casino resort room and food deals can be found using the Internet and also tourist services located in the resort you want to visit. When talking to a specific hotel or motel ask them if they offer any deals for more than one night or during the week when they are not so busy. Large resorts like Vegas often have super specials listed on the Internet for those that are willing to make a reservation well in advance of the arrival date.

If you are willing to set through a pitch for a vacation club, you can get your room and some shows for free. These vacation clubs use these incentives to gain access to prospective clients.

Casinos with large room occupancy offer specials for those visiting during the week and at what are considered off times. If there is no offer ask if there is one coming up or is there one you might qualify for in the near future. Maybe you could shift your visit in order to save a great deal on this necessary expense.

Holiday seasons and weekends are difficult times to locate deals if you wait until these dates are just around the corner. The only way to get a deal for these dates is to make your reservation well in advance.

If you are going to have an extended stay, look into renting a furnished condo for the month or longer. If you and another couple are making a similar vacation time, this can save a great deal of money over renting from a hotel or motel. Also you will probably save on the room tax as these rentals are considered in a different class than hotel and motel rooms.

Private residences are also open for longer stays as the people who own them are trying to use their property to make a little extra money.

If you are an RV person or a travel trailer owner, the places that rent to these owners are wiling to make deals for stays longer than a day or so. It never hurts to ask what they have to offer or are they wiling to negotiate an arrangement.

All of this information is readily found on the Internet using any good search engine. These searches are worthwhile as you can get a handle on what is being offered and at what price. Most of these sites will have a special for longer stays.

Eissa Awwad is the founder of USA Players Welcome, USA Players is a free casinos directory for USA Players.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Roulette Rules

To learn online roulette rules correctly, you'll have to get to know the object of the online gambling game, how the game develops, the different types of bets, and the right time to place the bets.

The object of the game, according to online roulette rules, involves guessing the right number that will show up on the roulette wheel.

The roulette table consists of the table layout, where the bets are placed, and the roulette wheel, that is divided into 38 pockets. The roulette wheel is numbered from 1 to 36, in addition to the 0 and 00 pockets.

The 0 and 00 numbers are green, and the rest of the numbers are half black and half red.

The dealer spins the wheel and releases a ball that travels on the wheel. The ball eventually stops at one of the slots which sets the score of the roulette spin.

Roulette bets have gambling limits and minimal betting requirement that differ from one online gambling site to the other.

Online Roulette Rules of Gambling

Other than placing the bet on a specific number, the roulette game offers many more options for the players.

There are 49 boxes on the table layout. 38 of those are for placing bets on specific numbers, and are called inside bets. The remaining 11 bets are called outside bets, and will be specified next.

Dozens bets - This is a bet also named "any twelve" bet, where you can place the chips on one of three sets of numbers. These are either 1 to 12, 13 to 24, or 25 to 36. These are first, second and third 12. This bet pays 1 to 2.

Column bets - These are bets placed on one of the three columns, "1" for the first column, "2" for the second or "3" for the third. This bet also pays 1 to 2, according to online roulette rules.

Even money bets - These are bets on red/black, even/odd, and high/low. The bets pay even money, paying you a prize in the sum of what you wagered.

Straight bets - Here you are gambling on one number to come out, where payout of 35 to 1.

Split bets - A bet on two adjoining numbers. To place this bet, place your chip on the separating line between the two numbers. The online roulette rules for this bet are similar to straight bets, only you have more chances of getting the right number. This bet pays 17 to 1.

Street bets - This gambling option covers three consecutive numbers, and is placed on the box outside the row you want to bet on. You win if any of the three numbers come out. Bet pays 11 to 1.

Corner bets- This is a bet on four numbers. The chip is place in the corner between four numbers. Pays 8 to 1.

Five number bets - This is a bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3, and is considered a bet that is least recommended to the player, and offer poor odds according to most online roulette rules that casinos choose.

Six number bets - This is a bet on six consecutive numbers, and is placed on the two boxes outside the row, on the line between them.

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